Bridging The Gap

Bridging The Gap

When you really look at a person, do you see the gap? Do you see where that person is right now and the potential of who they can be? Sometimes this is hard because it seems as if you are looking at the negative side of things. This gift is not really a bad thing, in and of itself. What makes the information a catalyst or a negative is how we handle it.

Some of us focus in on the negative and use it to bash the other person. We bring embarrassment, shame and condemnation with our words or actions. It becomes a judgment we step into and use it to tell them how bad they are for not being “there yet.”

But, what if that knowledge is there for YOU to help them bridge the gap? What if it is there for you to call them up rather than tear them down?

Think about it. That information you hold is a precious gift. It is information that allows you to be the one who becomes the bridge connecting their present to their potential.

If you can understand what is missing, then you can help them connect to that information, training or help. For example, I have a friend who has a wonderful ability with words. She is a writer. But she does not have a lot of experience writing. So, I am encouraging her to write, working with her on the things I’ve learned and giving her a vehicle to share what is on her heart.

I have another friend who feels called to speak. However, she does not have much experience speaking in front of people. She does not know how to put together a talk or how to organize the information. I know of a group that specializes in that process. So, I connected her to it and went to the training with her. We did it together. She needed that information and I can always use more training, so we had a new area of challenge to work through together.

Realistically, I cannot always be that “hands on.” But I can suggest a resource and then be available for that person to talk through the process of learning and growth. I can be a place for the individual to explore, ask questions and address internal challenges they face in moving forward.

And I can speak life! I can encourage when the learning curve is still new. I can be a place of accountability where they know I will ask how it is going. I can cheer them forward when they reach sticking points. I can listen to the struggle and offer ways to overcome the struggle. Then we can celebrate the victory as they get to a better place of comfort with this new skill set.

Sometimes I have to be patient. I may see that gap and have the resources to help them, but they may not be ready. Their passion may not have stirred in that area. Or they may be overwhelmed with the day-to-day and are not able to pursue that direction. No worries!! I can offer the information and allow that “seed” to remain until it is ready to sprout. Over the years (yes, sometimes it takes that long), I can gently ask if they have thought about that direction or picked up those resources. Again, if they say no, then I do not carry the burden for them. It is not my responsibility to do the work or “make” them head that direction.

But, if/when they do choose to explore those possibilities, I may be one of the people they look to for a champion to urge them forward. And I’ll be ready! ☺

(photo by Nicolas Raymond)