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What does it mean to advance a legacy from God? How do we take the baton from past generations and build on to what God has for this season? Listen to become a catalyst for change! This video came from our Periscope, Radiant Promises, weekly at 10:15 am Central time every Tuesday.

I am always amazed at how He does it! It never fails. He comes through time and time again. Just when I think things will stay the same, He moves in, creates a space and time opens up for the shift.


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Some of my best “Ah Ha” moments come through conversations with friends. I have the blessing of knowing some amazing people. People who positively challenge me, encourage me and strengthen me in my journey. I call these people “Running Mates.”



Sep 09

When I was young, my grandfather said something that “intrigued” me.  His words stayed with me and continue to come back time after time.

The days of the superstar are over. The idea of the lone wolf is gone. It is time to lead from a unified focus. What I bring to the table is not threatened by what another brings to the table. Matched together, and utilized for one purpose and one focus, I will work with you,

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I realize this is not traditional. Most of the time, the image of leadership shows one person out ahead with others doing their best to keep up. But, I am experimenting with a different type of leadership and am amazed at how effective it actually is.



Mar 25

Momentum is building. It starts as a cry deep in the heart and continues to grow. I hear it from place to place and moment to moment. This hope resonates from many voices. It is heard from those who love the Lord and desire connection.

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The Approach

Apr 21


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When thinking about an airplane as it lands, one of the things that makes the difference between a safe landing and a crash is the approach.  The approach lines the airplane up for the runway and prepares the plane for the best possible outcome.  Too short…crash!  Wait too long…not enough runway–crash!



Mar 10


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My travels take me into many different places. I leave a footprint everywhere I go. For each place I go and each person I meet, I leave a trace of myself. That piece of who I am is like a footprint that marks the trail of my journey as it imprints on the lives of

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The mask is in place with a smile painted on it. The one wearing it is tired and discouraged, feeling there is no safe place to take it off. The mask hides the heart and provides protection for the one wearing it…or does it?