Filling My Time

Filling My Time

I am always amazed at how He does it! It never fails. He comes through time and time again. Just when I think things will stay the same, He moves in, creates a space and time opens up for the shift.

A few years ago I decided to take a risk. I actually took my schedule and gave it to God. Picture me now holding up my computer and phone to the Lord. I asked Him to prioritize, shift, remove, etc. everything on my plate. I asked Him to order my day, my week, and my season. And then it happened.

At that time, I was deep in mentoring. I had more than a handful of people I was encouraging through mentorship. My time was blocked off and the days were full. I seemed to have cancellations rise up at the most “inopportune” times. At first, I got frustrated about it. I understood the reasons behind the cancellations, but it seemed like an inconvenience to me…then the phone rang: on the other end was a person in crises. I started to notice that every time someone cancelled, the phone would ring and a person who really needed to talk would take their place.

I realized in God’s goodness, He blocked off that time for them. He knew what was coming and wanted to give me the privilege of “talking them off the ledge” of their difficult moment.

Then, I began to notice His hand moving in other areas, too. A commitment would change and make space for something else, something that was not even a blip on my radar at the time. He freed up my schedule for that thing to have a space to land.

There was a time when I was being pressured to step into a training I felt was out of timing for my current season. No matter how I tried to explain it to the person, she would not hear what I was saying. Finally, I asked her when the training was…not expecting to take it but to get a break from the intensity of the moment. She told me and I realized I had a prior ongoing commitment that would not allow me to take the training. She backed off. I went home (yes, the very same day, folks) and the person who was in charge of that “prior commitment” called and told me things had changed and she was able to find someone to help her and did not need my help any more! I can’t make this stuff up…it is just too good!

I take my schedule to the Lord every quarter. I lift up my pretend plate and talk to God about what is on it. Then, I lift each thing up and ask Him if I am to remove it, keep it, or prioritize it differently. I think about each thing and ask if He is releasing grace for me to continue. If the “grace is gone” and I need to step out to allow someone else the joy of stepping into that commitment, I will take steps to talk with leaders or others involved and begin the process of transitioning out.

Another benefit is that I do not have to stress about being overcommitted. He removes things in their season and frees up my time for whatever He has set up for the next season of my life. He guides me in what I say “yes” or “no” to and keeps me refreshed for longevity in ministry.

By allowing God to be my time manager, I am able to be more sensitive to my own stages of growth. I recognize what I have learned and am learning in each moment of my day. I have become more sensitive to His leading and my trust in Him has grown in leaps and bounds.

(Photo by Javier Graterol)