Flatten the Walls: A Pledge for Leaders

Flatten the Walls: A Pledge for Leaders

The days of the superstar are over. The idea of the lone wolf is gone. It is time to lead from a unified focus. What I bring to the table is not threatened by what another brings to the table. Matched together, and utilized for one purpose and one focus, I will work with you, no walls between us. No insecurity driving wedges between our communication, I encourage a place for you to grow and mature in God, just as you encourage the same in me.

The reforming process is all about learning to walk in the place, direction and authority God gives me. As a leader, I am growing. I am learning how to lead while learning how to serve. I am learning how to grow, but also to give others a hand in their growth. I do not have all the answers, but I will continue to seek God’s heart in all things. I am being developed and I am developing others around me. I am strengthening in who I am and I recognize I do not have to be territorial with others to hold or take spiritual ground. As a leader, I am stronger when I match my strengths with the strengths of others.

I do not operate in a silo mentality. The work is too great for me alone. I need your help just as you need mine. If our foundation is solidly build on Jesus, the Bible and the sovereignty of God, we can work together. At times, we may disagree, but it will be a bump in the road we travel if we prioritize relational connection over self promotion. I remember that you have bad days. Those are the times when I can practice what I know as the kindness of God with you. That said, I will call you into who God says you are and speak to His promises of the identity He’ established in you rather than allow you to wallow in self pity.

I will operate with a warrior code of honor. Love for God, Love for you and Love for others. I will value who you are and remember the battles you fight prepare you for the war already won. We are champions of each other, standing alongside in this Good fight, reminding each other the victory is assured no matter how the moment might look.

We are fellow travelers on this journey. Our team is meant to be open, inclusive of others and always looking to mentor the next generation of sold out lovers of God.

“The need for us as leaders is to do more than just develop the people that God has given us. We have a whole territory to take. We have a city to take. We have a region to take. We have a state to take. What we are fighting for, really, is the nation, and the nations. So at some point we are looking for the walls of our church to fall flat, and we are looking to reinvent ourselves in terms of a Kingdom company of people rather than just a church collective.” –Graham Cooke from Pastoring People Prophetically

(Photo by: Didi Supardi)