Through RMI, Christine Casten inspires believers to live in the fullness and excitement of what Christian life brings.  She opens the door to discovery and encourages others to immediately apply what they learn into their daily walk with God.

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Through a conversational and interactive approach, Christine uses life stories, biblical foundation and real life tools to energize relationship with God.

An Overview of Christine’s areas of passion:

  • Capturing Christian Identity: Discovering who you are and your unique place in the kingdom.  Why identity is important and how it points to your calling.
  • Dreaming with God and Accelerated Growth: Moving past internal limits creates an accelerated lifestyle to reach our fullest potential.
  • Interactive Intercession: An amazing prayer life is just around the corner. Learning how to listen to God’s leading, how to align with God’s heart and how to pray from a heavenly perspective.

Leadership Consulting and Training

Consulting: Christine walks alongside Christian leaders to help promote process and transformational based leadership, establish and build prototype communities, and strategic development.

Training:  “Intended Impact” Leadership: Learn how to become a transformational leader. Leadership is more than position or title. True leaders lead from wherever they are: “titled” position or from among their areas of influence.

International Missions

Radiant Ministries International connects with ministry partners for outreaches and conferences in countries around the world.  Christine speaks to youth, adults and leaders to help them grow in their relationship with God.

Refresh and Revive Retreats (Training Intensives)

The annual RMI Refresh and Revive Retreats are “deep retreats.” The focus takes groups through a uniquely designed training created to refresh and revive them in their relationship with God.

Retreat topics focused on these areas:

  • Crossing the Finish Line: Running a marathon verses a sprint (longevity in ministry and avoiding burnout),
  • War in Love: God’s heart for deeper Intercession/Prayer,
  • Standing on the Promise: Understanding God’s promises and how to live a lifestyle of refreshing.
  • Daughter/Son of the King: Identity in Christ
  • Dream Big:  Reconnecting to your destiny and purpose in God.

These retreat materials can also be rolled out to YOUR community and can include both men and women!

For information about coming to the next retreat or to have one in your home church, click here.

I am taking away a greater depth of the promises God has given me; to enjoy the journey on the way to the promise.
-Refresh and Revive Retreat Attendee

This retreat gave me more than I ever imagined. My mind and heart is so full! Will take a while to process and adjust–going home changed and renewed!
-Retreat Attendee

From this event–I am taking a renewed sense of wonderment and fresh eyes to see the glory of the Lord.

I just can’t tell you enough how much I enjoyed your retreat.  Every part of it was wonderful; the worship, the teachings, the ministry(!) – it was all planned to perfection. The weekend gets filed under ‘Favorites’ in my memory box!