The goal of mentoring is to empower Christians to deepen their intimacy with the Lord and walk in their God given identities.

The Mentor-Coaching Experience

RMI promotes US based mentorship through various formats for individuals, teams, workshops, groups, and churches.  RMI partners with churches/ministries to develop mentoring curriculum, train mentors and can also offer continued training or help in overseeing the progress of the mentoring relationships. We look to expand to international mentoring in the near future.

Four ways to connect to the RMI Mentorship Experience*:

  1. Conference/Workshop Events:Heart of mentoring shared with your group or church

    RMI integrates mentoring experiences into focused training workshops and conference events!  We cover the heart of mentoring and how focused wise counsel often facilitates growth and depth difficult to establish individually.

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  2. Mentorship for churches, groups or ministries: RMI partners with you to train and develop your local team

    Radiant Ministries partners with church pastors/leaders to help develop, train and establish a mentorship program tailor-made for your church or ministry and the projected needs of your specific mentees.

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  3. Mentor Groups: Churches, ministries and groups bring in RMI team members to faciliate 4-6 sessions on building intimacy with God and deepening in identity.

    Ministries do not always have the man power or resources to offer expanded mentoring programs for those to whom they minister.  RMI brings in team leaders (facilitators) to take groups through a 4-6 session mentoring process.

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  4. Radiant Light Mentor-Coaching©: Launched in 2006, this mentoring program mentors women across the US.  RMI Lanterns©, our name for mentors, minster to stay at home moms, working women, church leaders, ministry leaders, at-risk women and teens.

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^ “Lanterns, Light Bearers, Armor Bearers, Shields and Torches”are copyrights of Radiant Ministries International’s Radiant Light© Mentoring Program and cannot be used without express written permission from Radiant Ministries International.

*Mentorship meetings are not professional counseling sessions nor are they a place to “dump” frustrations. They are about intentional focus on spiritual growth and maturing in your Christian walk.