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All God Created You to Be: A Journey to Identity “All God Created You to Be: A Journey to Identity” is available for purchase on

About the study: For this study, Christine and Shelley White combined their mentoring experiences to create a book for small groups and devotional studies. Move into a deeper understanding about who God is and discover your exceptional design. You will recognize how God offers countless ways to embrace more of who He is and understand how He created YOU!

Follow this link for the webpage and learn more about the book or go to

To purchase, click here or go to and type in Christine’s name to find the study guide.

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See the Blog Page for current and past blogs. The new series called “The Journey” is posted several times a month.  The Journey is a way to share the challenges and excitement of our daily life with God.  It draws from Christine’s personal journey and shares thoughts, insights and typical obstacles we all face. Please share your comments!

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Isaiah 55: Spiritual Growth: Invitation to More. Discover the Richest Fare: A devotional style exploration that takes a look at Isaiah 55. Through this 8 part study, Christine shares her process of Bible study as she works through each passage of scripture. Each one contains questions for your own process of growth to inspire you!

A Miracle Just For Me: Testimony of a public miracle and how God answered cries of a willing heart.
The Harder Road: God’s direction often seems more difficult, but we find much more than expected.
Name and Shield: How God reveals identity and direction through dream


The Platform of Wise Counsel
Accountability: Wisdom Up Close and Personal
Freedom to Fail