Momentum is building. It starts as a cry deep in the heart and continues to grow. I hear it from place to place and moment to moment. This hope resonates from many voices. It is heard from those who love the Lord and desire connection.

It is the cry for us to gather in one heart, one mind, and in one direction.

Unity is a strong force. When people join together with one focus, so much can be accomplished. Our unity has the power to break through daily situations and change things around us.

Unity can be used for God’s good; or work against His purposes. Two specific places in the Bible highlight the power of unity.

One was in Genesis 11 at the tower of Babel.  God came down to see the tower the people were building together.  In verse 6, The Lord said, “If as one people speaking the same language they have begun to do this, then nothing they plan to do will be impossible for them.” He responded by creating multiple languages.

The problem was not the tower, but the heart behind it.  These people desired to choose their own destiny, and gain power and prestige for their own glory.  This ran counter to God’s purposes of being fruitful and moving out across the earth.  But even more important, the root of self-reliance placed a wedge in their relationship with God.

God is about relationship. Everything He does brings us to a place of choosing to know Him more. When we look at our circumstances and try to make things happen on our own, we seek the glory, or prestige, that allows us to have our own little kingdom. Our kingdoms stand in places of isolation, bound by thick walls of distrust.  They misrepresent God’s heart for His glory and goodness to spread to all the earth.

The power that comes through unity creates so much more opportunity for God’s love to be shared.

Unity rooted in love creates connection.

In Acts 2, the disciples joined together to pray and fast after He rose again.  Little did they know, Holy Spirit planned to make a grand entrance!  With a roar of wind and flames, God’s power moved.  Jesus filled the gap created by the fall (Genesis 3) and God rushed in to reconnect with us, establishing the place for a close, personal relationship.

God chose how He showed up.  Do you think it ironic He chose languages to unify the disciples and connect others to His heart?

Today, we see so much division.  The lines we draw keep us from connecting together.  We do have various approaches to what our Christ-based communities may look like.  We could celebrate the piece we each bring to the table.  We use our unique skill sets and perspectives as points of difference and division rather than celebrating the wonder of who we are in Christ…wonder who thought that up?

We stand in a place of opportunity.  As God opens our hearts and the hearts of those around us, He is ready to help us recognize the common ground we already share.  As we unify under the banner of God’s love, we join into the momentum that breaks down walls and pulls us together.  We unify through our heart cry of sharing God’s love.

(photo by 2happy)